Gobbelino London & a Collision of Catastrophes

Veröffentlicht am 26. Juli 2023 um 19:58

Copyright: by Kim M. Watts

I have been following Gobbelinos adventures from the beginning and am happy to say, that nearly all questions have been answered, and we can be sure, that the end of the world is postponed. For a while at least.

If you are looking for a nice and entertaining time: then grab this book and enjoy it.

I promise you: you will look with different eyes at cats, and little green snakes.

And Unicorns, and mermaids ;)

I was quite happy to receive an advance copy of „Gobbelino London & a Collision of Catastrophes“

And I did spend a happy few hours reading about Kim M.Watts Gobbelinos Adventures.

Unfortunately, it is the last book of the sequence. Maybe there will be a follow-up. But Gobbelino the cat and his human sidekick. As in the six books before our two anti-heroes are struggling, with the help of friends against Armageddon.

And if you want to know, where the end of the world will come to pass, I will tell you: Leeds!


Thank you to the author for the advance copy.

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